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Bards of Balgay Hill

Updated: Aug 10, 2021

The Bridge

The bridge careers

Across the gulf

The Dundee Straits

The Costa Del Tay

Waiting for the day

The world again visits Dundee

Smog free and glistening

A new city

Beside a river of pearls

Matthew Knights

A beautiful day of sunshine for our second creative writing group on Balgay hill. This group is part of a project of Knights Theatre to develop Ewan MacColl: Manchester Rambler, a play about the folk singer and his relationship to the history of access to the countryside and has been supported by Creative Scotland, Leisure & Culture Dundee and University of Dundee. It has been great getting to know local folk already. Let's see if they keep coming when the rains inevitably fall! For now we have been exploring the beautiful surroundings and throwing in a bit of local history for measure.

Dundee Evening Telegraph - Thursday 29 May 1879


"To town dweller the advent of spring is welcomed joyfully. Cooped up for many months amongst the streets and the lanes, the smoke and mist, how his spirits rise at the slackening of the iron bands which chain him to the city ... Do we, after long satiety of warehouses, of busy mills, and never-ending streets, pant to look upon that grand combination of earth and sea and sky which we call scenery? - we have views from the hilltop which can hardly be surpassed in broad Scotland ..."

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